Will AI take your Job in 2023

We asked ChatGPT to help us create a questionnaire to help someone determine if their job is at risk due to AI. The results are a bit scary.

I didn’t like the fact that I am in a moderate-risk job in an industry that is getting disrupted.

Are you safe, or should you be worried? Check it out now …

Is AI Coming for your job? Find Out with this short Quiz.

What percentage of your job responsibilities require a high level of specialized knowledge or training?

What percentage of your job responsibilities involve repetitive or routine tasks?

Have you noticed any changes in your industry or job market in terms of the technology being used?

Have you observed any examples of automation or machine learning being used in your job or industry?

How adaptable do you consider yourself in adopting new technologies and tools?

Have you received any training or education related to new technologies or processes that are being implemented in your industry?

Do you believe that your job requires human intuition or creativity that cannot be easily replicated by technology?

Are there any tasks or aspects of your job that you believe could be improved with the use of technology?

How important do you believe human psychology and communication skills are in your job?

What steps do you think your company or industry should take to prepare for the changing technological landscape?